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Technical Support

We can  provide email support for the following

  1. active rfid, how to use

  2. active rfid software development

  3. active rfid hardware customization

  4. active rfid and iBeacon development schedule

Please send mail to Active RFID support

Being a Distributor

Active RFID distributors are looking for worldwide. Any company has interest please send your sales experience, software development experience together with your market segment to

Active RFID Distributor

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Active RFID can be used in many areas. Think about using these devices other than tracking and geofencing.

  1. Send an alert message to the officer in charge when someone is missing in an elder center;

  2. control or activate a lift when a disability is in range;

  3. school attendance;

  4. checking who is on board

  5. Homeseer application

Tons of innovative applications are awaiting for your implementation. Be innovative with Active RFID!

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