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How Do I Place An Order?


Select your items and click Add to Cart. The top right shopping bag icon will display how many items are in your Shopping Bag. Click on the check out button to place an order.


Payment and Shipping


We only accept Paypal as a payment less than US$2,000. For an order amount higher than US$2,000, bank transfer is prefered, we will pay the bank charges for you.


All items will be shipped out by using registered post (with tracking number and can be tracked online in some countries). The normal shipping days is 10 but there are exceptions like shipping to South America, Italy, sometime this will take up to 30 days. Please be patient.


The selling price included shipping charges US$6 for each item. You can negotiate the shipping charges for high volumn transaction, but please emial us first. Please email to


Secure Ordering & Payment Options


Paypal is one of the most secure payment option and this is reason why we are using its service.

Returns & Refunds


We don't offer refund or return!



we offers 3 years warranty.

It deos not work

These devices are very reliable and has very little chance this is hardware problem. Please check the following.

1.  The serial interface receiver is using the power from the pin 4 and pin 7. Almost all USB/Serial converters do not offer sufficient power to pin 4 and pin7 to power on the receiver. If your receiver is a serial verison and you are using your own USB/Serial converter, you need to plug in 9V to 12V center positive power to the receiver.

2.  The correct receiver setup is baud rate 9600, 8 bits data, no parity and 1 stop bit. NO FLOW CONTROL. Please setup these parameters in your serial program correctly.

3.  The receiver cannot be too close to the transmitter. For 8 meters transmitter like RF8315T, you need to put those aside with at least 0.5 meters. For 40 meters transmitter like RF40315T ad RF40315T-x, you need to put them aside with at least 1 meter.

4. Has the battery inserted correctly? The +ve should be face up.

Send me an email if it is still not working.

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