C123A30V works together with an Android phone, an OTG cable, an USB/Serial adapter and this App is a true mobile relay board solution. The relay board will listen to your command send through a web interface.

How It Works?
1. Download the App from Play Store and install it;
2. Hook up C123A30V with power, USB/Serial Adapter, OTG cable and an Android 4.4+ phone;
3. Click the Start button to start running the App;
4. You will see the board ID from the phone screen;
5. Send this board ID and your logon name to us;
6. We will setup your account with initial password;
7. Click on the App Logon button, you need to supply your logon name and the password;
8. Now the App is listening to the command download from the Cloud server;

------   user side ------
1.  Logon the control panel web page with your logon and password;
2.  Use the web UI to control the relay board;

Android App for Connecting C123A30V to Cloud Server

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  • Straight forward to use. Click Start button and then Logon to the Cloud server. The App will pull down the connected borad comand from the Cloud server to activate/deactivate the corresponding relay.

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